A page for relatively unique items that have been picked up and passed around. Note: Not all items are known to all players. Should you wish to add an item to the list, please do so in the following format:

Name of Object
Short description of object
Currently in "Character's" possession

Pasius' Engagement Ring
A ring symbolizing the engagement between Priestess Orona Nightwind and Pasius, a late political figure of Charing.
Currently in Alewen's possession

Nightwind Blade
A blade found by Thorvalla in Decan's old room in Mitharia.
Currently in Tanim's possession

Colored Cube
A cube painted a different color on each sides. Found by Corsibane at a bandit fortress.
Currently in Corsibane's possession

A navigational tool found by Kaithias in Palemoon's old room in Mitharia
Currently in Kaithias' possession

Inarie Dagger
A dagger with the Inarie family crest, a family belonging to the Nightwind Clan.
Currently in Attrix's possession

Hawk Figurine
A small wooden figurine carved into a hawk. Found by Kaithias in Esdeul's room in Mitharia.
Last seen used in the resurrection of Corsibane


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